If one is going to go after sacred cows, one should really go after sacred cows. Most of the people in our society who get credit for "going after sacred cows" are just going after unfashionable ones. At least ones that are unfashionable in the circles they want to appeal to. We live in a world of iconodules posing as iconoclasts.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Real ACORN Scandal: The Responsible Press

As another video is released showing ACORN to be what it is, a question of how deep the corruption goes might arise.

As bad as it is for any institution claiming to work on behalf of the needy to be revealed as corrupt, and as bad as it is that this institution was long, under both Democratic and Republican administrations, given public funds with apparently little accountability or even desire for it, there is something worse that has been revealed.

As with the nature of ACORN, this exposure does not come as a surprise to many. But that in itself is appalling. What do I speak of?

It used to be that journalists would run with a good story without fear or favor. Even if they were "scooped" on it. It wasn't long ago that every aspiring member of the Responsible Press® wanted to be the next Woodward & Bernstein, or air a grainy video expose' on 60 Minutes. It is not cuts at newspapers or network news desks that caused this to die. For here is a story given to them on a platter, a juicy story of sex, corruption, and politics. All they had to do was follow it further.

But they show no interest in it whatsoever. There is no member of the Responsible Press® who is interested in the story. Not one. After five days, apparently many know little about it, when their job relies upon them being informed.

The era of Upton Sinclair & "Yellow Journalism" would be better than this. This is what professional journalism has produced, a Responsible Press® that is not "biased", but completely blind in one eye, and that therefore fails catastrophically in its function as a reliable source of information.

ACORN at least is fulfilling it's intended purpose. The same cannot be said of the press corps.

They thus become enablers of corruption, in government and out, rather than watchdogs serving the public, the mantle they claim for themselves.



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