If one is going to go after sacred cows, one should really go after sacred cows. Most of the people in our society who get credit for "going after sacred cows" are just going after unfashionable ones. At least ones that are unfashionable in the circles they want to appeal to. We live in a world of iconodules posing as iconoclasts.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

What Was Your First Clue?

This is an observation? A insight? That Obama is "tough with his domestic enemies, soft with foreign ones"? Obama is a Progressive. Of course he acts this way.

Foreign foes are merely enemies of the United States. Domestic political opponents oppose Obama, and Progressivism, and thus are seen the a real, ideological, menace to be eliminated. Foreign enemies therefore just don't raise the same visceral, emotional reaction from Progressives that domestic political opponents do. The later arouse primate rage. Foreign enemies of the United States aren't to be "demonized" or talked about with "inflammatory rhetoric" that "alienates people", but domestic ones are because they are seen as the ones who caused foreign enemies to hate us in the first place. One unspoken premise of Progressivism is that if it wasn't for their domestic opponents, we wouldn't have foreign enemies. Therefore, the domestic enemy must be dealt with severely, but the foreign enemy must be extended understanding, on at least some level, at least with respect to their (foreign) sympathizers/support base.

This has been true of Progressives for decades. It is also true that right now many Americans, being treated as domestic enemies by the Progressive Administration, have been responding in kind. But that side of the political spectrum was aroused to fight the overseas enemy in a way that Progressives never really were.

I'm not suggesting that Progressives don't know what their priorities are. They certainly do. Those priorities are very telling...however, we're not supposed to observe that: To do so is to be a "hater", a domestic enemy of Progressivism, which will be dealt with harshly and without the kind of mercy that Progressives reserve for foreign enemies of the country.



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